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Happy Advent! To begin this season, we feature “Posada, A Night to Cross All Borders.”




Happy Advent! To begin this season, we feature “Posada, A Night to Cross All Borders.” In English with Spanish subtitles, this 57 minute DVD brings us inside the stories of three young men who fled impoverished lives in Central America as teenagers. Detained by immigration officials for several months between 1999 and 2002, their stories are typical of thousands of children crossing America’s borders annually. Their stories are woven into scenes from Advent Las Posadas processions in which community members join the Holy Family’s journey for shelter. This documentary by Jesuit Father Mark McGregor invites us into a collective examination of conscience concerning American immigration law. View a clip @ The primary effort to modify federal barriers to education for undocumented young people is the Dream Act. In a statement of support for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, Archbishop Wenski said that “the DREAM Act would give these young people an opportunity to meet their potential and to fully contribute to our society. This is not only good for them but good for our country.” The US Senate lists the Dream Act as currently active legislation. Citizens among the Catholic faithful have long supported this remedy. Use the electronic form to register your support @ click here. Visit the Media Center webpage at click here and order “Posada” or search for similar social justice titles with the key word: immigration or call Dan Hardester or Diane Gallagher@ 407-246-4895 (or 4897).