Prepare Now for a Meaningful Mystagogia

Now is not too soon to plan for the mystagogy period following initiation.  Read more…

A Handbook for Catechumenate Leaders
Dennis Chriszt, CPPS
Paper, $31.95
240 pages, 5½” x 8½”
ISBN 0-89390-515-1
Your parish initiation rites are just the beginning. Creating an Effective Mystagogy shows you how to organize the catechumenal process so that the initiation rites are the beginning of your neophytes’ total immersion into parish life. Dennis Chriszt shows you how to think mystagogically all the way through the process, beginning with the pre-catechumenate. In the end, you can expect your neophytes to not only stay with the catechumenal process beyond Easter but to be more engaged in your parish and in the world. 

A Guided Journal through Mystagogia
Blessie LaScola
Paper, Regularly $13.95, on sale for $9.95 until 3/15/11
112 pages, 8½” × 11″
ISBN 0-89390-683-2
This journal is designed to help the newly initiated look back to the rites and forward to the future through thought-provoking questions based on the rites as well as on the formation period. The book is a tool to let the newly initiated reflect on their experience in a way that will deepen their understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ and help them set goals for future spiritual growth. It can also be used as a resource for the catechumenate team to use as an indicator of what the neophytes should experience in the RCIA process.

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