As Catholics, we believe the Eucharist is the Presence of Christ and is therefore sacred. Eucharistic Adoration is time spent with Christ in the form of the Blessed Sacrament. It is time spent in serenity, in the warmth and love of His presence. It is time for experiencing the quiet and peace of praying before our Lord.

Whether the Eucharist is reposed inside the tabernacle or exposed –visible – in the monstrance, Adoration allows for placing ourselves in the presence of our Lord, a time set aside to worship either privately or in communion with others. The Real Presence of Christ is there before us and with us always. “The Eucharist is a priceless treasure: by not only celebrating it but also by praying before it outside of Mass we are enabled to make contact with the very wellspring of grace.” (USCCB 2)

Worship of the Holy Eucharist Outside of Mass

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