The Presbyteral Council or Council of Priests is a group of priests chosen to assist the bishop in an advisory capacity in the governance of the diocese. Canon 495 of the Code of Canon Law requires that every diocese must have such a council. It is a manifestation of the communion between the bishop and the priests who collaborate with him based on union in the ministerial priesthood and in mission.

About half of the members of the council are freely elected by the priests. The others have membership either because of a position that they hold or because nominated by the bishop. The members are a reflection of the presbyterium and of the variety of functions, circumstances and offices inherent to it.

It is for the bishop to decide when to consult the council, to preside over the meeting and to determine the agenda, whether the items for inclusion are his own initiative or are proposed by some member of the council.

Did you know Presbyter is a Greek words and means “elder,” with the connotation of one who oversees the life of a community? In Jesus’ day each group within Judaism had a council of elders. The elders eventually took on the roles which are today assumed by priests. Presbytery refers to the part of the Church set aside exclusively for the clergy.

President: Most Rev. John Noonan

Ex Officio Members:

Very Rev. Richard Walsh, Vicar General
Very Rev. John Giel, V.G., J.C.L., Vicar General & Chancellor for Canonical Affairs
Very Rev. Ivan Olmo, V.F., Central Deanery North (also representing the Hispanic community)
Very Rev. Richard Trout, V.F., Central Deanery South
Very Rev. Edward Waters, V.F., Northern Deanery
Very Rev. Scott Circe, V.F., Southern Deanery
Very Rev. Matthew Mello, V.F., Eastern Deanery
Very Rev. Timothy LaBo, V.F., Western Deanery
Very Rev. Miguel A. González, Vicar for Priests (also representing the Hispanic community)
Very Rev. Edward McCarthy, Vicar for Senior Priests

Representative by Age:

Rev. Derek Saldanha (25-45)
Rev. Juan Osorno (46-64)
Rev. Ralph DuWell (65 & over)

Representative for Secular Priests who are Not Incardinated

Msgr. Juanito Figura

Representative for Religious Priests

Rev. Ben Berinti, CPPS

Representative for Retired Priests

Rev. Fred Ruse