The Personnel Policy Manual for the Permanent Diaconate of our Diocese is a basic reference manual for permanent deacons.  The manual covers a wide range of personnel, policy and procedures for the secular administration of the Order of Deacons approved for use within the Diocese of Orlando.  Updates to the Diocese of Orlando Diaconate Personnel Policy Manual are necessary periodically to address the needs of our growing community.

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Diaconate Personnel Manual (July 1, 2019)

Diaconate Personnel Manual (Spanish Version, July 1, 2019)

Annual Forms

Continuing Formation

Funeral Arrangements

NORMS For Deacons Serving at Mass

Deacon Update form

Transfer Requests

Request for Deacon Directory

Diaconate Shirt Order Form

Required Annual Forms

Self Assessment Form- (formerly the Statement of Mutual Expectations)

The purpose of this form is to identify and establish accountability for the areas of responsibility assumed by the deacon and serves as a memorandum of understanding between the deacon and his Pastor.  These documents also serves as a reminder of the different types of ministry deacons are called to be involved, Word, Liturgy, & Charity.  When turning these annual forms, please include the Continuing Education Form.

English Self Assessment form ( Word Doc/ PDF Doc ).
Spanish  Self Assessment form (Word Doc/ PDF Doc).

English Pastor Assessment form (Word Doc/PDF Doc). This  form needs to be completed by your Pastors’ and returned to my office.
Spanish Pastor Assessment form (Word Doc/ PDF Doc). This form needs to be completed by your Pastors’ and returned to my office.

Continuing Formation

The emphasis on spiritual/intellectual formation and development that begins in the initial diaconate formation process leading to ordination must continue throughout the deacon’s life.  The deacon’s primary vocation to holiness demands that he be open to, and actively engage in a continuous process of growth and formation.

Click Here for Form. (English/ Spanish)

Prayer and Spirituality

  1. Deacons are expected to have a spiritual director and meet with him or her at least quarterly.
  2. Canon law mandates that deacons are to attend a retreat annually.  The Office of the Permanent Diaconate offers three annual retreat opportunities for deacons and their wives in the fall of each year.   Retreat expenses are included in the deacon’s parish annual assessment ($300.00 annually).
  3. The Liturgy of the Hours (also known as the Divine Office) is the richest single prayer resource of the Christian Church.  It has existed from the earliest times, to fulfill the Lord’s command to pray without ceasing.  Deacons are expected to pray the Divine Office daily and to be able to lead this rich prayer publicly.

Personal Continuing Formation Plan

  1. Each Active & Senior (Retired) deacon, with faculties, in the Diocese of Orlando is to complete a minimum of thirty (30) Continuing Formation hours annually and recording them on the Continuing Formation Form for their Pastors review and submitting their form to the Office of the Permanent Diaconate.
  2. Each deacon is encouraged to develop a personal program/plan of ongoing Formation. These continuing formation hours can be achieved by college classes, seminars, conference, self-study/readings, and specialized training sessions focused on sound Catholic teachings or various areas of diaconal ministry.  Continuing Formation expenses are included in the deacon’s parish annual assessment ($100.00 annually).
  3. Each year the Office of the Permanent Diaconate schedules a Deacon Convocation on the first Saturday of October. All permanent deacons are expected to attend this convocation.  The convocation include a Liturgy with the Diocesan Bishop where the deacons recommit themselves and a continuing formation session.  The Convocation expenses are included in the deacon’s parish annual assessment ($100.00 annually).
  4. Permanent Deacons are to attend pastoral courses, workshops, and conferences arranged for them after their ordination in accordance with the schedules established by the Diocese of Orlando.

Funeral Arrangements

The funeral rite for a deacon, as an ordained minister of the Church, will be celebrated with the decorum and propriety befitting a member of the clergy.  This is to be done with sensitivity to the wishes of the family as well as of the deceased.  A copy of this form must be filed with the Office of the Permanent Diaconate.

Click Here for guidelines to assist and advise the appropriate individuals with steps to be taken in order that the Diocese of Orlando community may respect the memory of one of its good servants upon their death.

Click Here for the funeral arrangement form)

Deacon Update Form

You may use this form when you have a status, address, phone number or email change. We strive to keep our records update to date.

( Click Here for the deacon update form). Please download the PDF before completing and sending it to Jennifer)

Transfer Requests

Mindful that all permanent deacons serve the Bishop of the Diocese of Orlando, there may be times where a deacon is reassigned to a different parish or assigned to serve more than one parish, within a reasonable distance to their home, based on diocesan objectives and/or the needs of a particular parish.

There are also times when a deacon finds it necessary to request a transfer of parish assignment.  Reasons range from household relocation, employment change, or the needs of another local parish.

Deacon transfers will be conducted with the utmost transparency.  Communication between the deacon, the pastors the current assignment & receiving parish and the diocese, Office of the Permanent Diaconate are crucial.  All transfer requests and decisions will be made based on the needs of a requesting deacon and of the parish, deanery, and diocese.

Deacons who feel the need or desire to change parish communities may request such a transfer utilizing the Deacon Transfer Request Form.  Transfers do not take effect until receipt of the official assignment letter from the Bishop.

Click Here for the transfer request form)

Request for Orlando Diocese Deacon Directory

You may use this form to request your copy of the latest version of our Deacon Directory.

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    Diaconate Shirt Order Form

    For those Deacons, who wish to have a Diaconate shirt, please use the order form below. Cost will be $25.00 per shirt. ($2.00 extra, per shirt,  for those sizes over XL)

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