Please be aware that there are churches in Central Florida who identify themselves as “catholic,” however are not Roman Catholic Churches or parishes of the Diocese of Orlando. These churches are not in full communion with the Pope and Bishops of the one Catholic Church governed by Apostolic See nor do they recognize authority of the Pope.  Some of these churches are affiliated with groups which left the communion of the Roman Catholic Church (for example Churches affiliated with the Society of Pope Pius X) while others are founded without a beginning in the communion of the Roman Catholic Church.

To avoid confusion, please be aware that these churches are not reliable for their adherence to the Catholic faith as articulated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Therefore, attendance at a liturgical service on Sunday at one of these churches may not fulfill your obligation to attend Sunday Mass and participate in the Sacred Liturgy.  Check the Diocese of Orlando website or call the Diocesan office at 407-246-4800 to determine if a church is affiliated with the Diocese of Orlando, under the leadership of Bishop John Noonan.

Non-Roman Catholic churches in Central Florida are listed below, in alphabetical order by city:

St. Paul Polish National Catholic Church

St. Paul National Catholic Church

Oratory of St. Lucy

St. Patrick Catholic Anglican Church

St. Filumena Roman Catholic Church (Traditional Latin Mass)

St. Francis Catholic Community

St. Thomas More Old Catholic Mission

Holy Family Traditional Catholic Church
Liberal Catholic Church of St. Pierre

The Catholic House Church of Mary and Joseph

Church of St. Raphael Archangel
Holy Angels Catholic Community
Holy Name of Jesus Parish (483/485 Wurst Road Ocoee)
Iglesia Rey de Reyes
Sacred Heart Traditional Catholic

St. Thomas More Church and Priory (Society of St. Pius X)

St. Cloud
Santas Perpetua y Felicidad Iglesia Católica/Santuario Divino Niño de Jesus

All Saints Roman Catholic Chapel (Traditional)

St. Christopher, Great Outdoor Campground, Titusville

Winter Park
St. Dorothy Catholic Community
King of Kings Catholic Cathedral


Note: The churches above are known to exist in the Orlando Diocese. Others may exist but were not uncovered during research. When in doubt, visit the diocesan Web site,, for a full listing of official Roman Catholic parishes in the Orlando Diocese.