Theme: Abide with me

7:30 – Check in

8:00 – Hospitality and vendors

8:45 – Multilingual morning prayer in gymnasium

9:15 – Opening Keynote: Rev. George Dunn

In the Eucharist the Lord Abides with You  


Tracks: (each topic has three sessions)

  1. The Mission of the Catechist. Encounter and Discernment
    • English – Rev. Benjamin Berinti, C.PP.S, Pastor, Immaculate Conception, Melbourne Beach
    • Spanish – Ricardo Márquez, PhD
    • Portuguese
    • Haitian Creole – Rev. Jean Gaetan Boursiquot, Director Haitian Ministry for the Diocese of Orlando


  1. Pastoral Ministry : Practicing the Presence of God

Speakers: Sally Kopke


  1. Youth Ministry that Forms Missionary Disciples

Speaker: Jim Mascarenhas, Youth Minister and Director of Communications at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Viera


  1. Young Adult Ministry Kick Starter

Speakers: Rachel and Jason Bulman,  Katie Gramke


  1. RCIA: A Path to Life in Christ

Speaker: Peter Pronko


  1. Marriage Ministry: Welcoming, Accompanying, Inviting

Speaker: Fr. Benjamin Lehnertz, Associate Pastor at Holy Family Catholic Church, Orlando


  1. Liturgy as Opportunity to Encounter

Speaker: Mr. Bruce Croteau, Director of Liturgy for the Diocese of Orlando


11:50 – 12:50 – Lunch

2:00 – Closing Keynote, Fr. Miguel Gonzalez– Abide with others, be Christ to them

3:00 – Dismissal