Sent forth to serve

Wednesdays are usually very hectic for the class that leads the school Mass at 11 a.m. and more so for Mrs. Maria Bilodeau who plans and prepares all Masses. To lighten the demands of Mass preparation, practicing for the Mass, and setting up in the Church, Mrs. Bilodeau decided to train seventh-graders to help out with Masses.

The team proved particularly helpful in planning the liturgy, assigning and vesting of altar servers, and leading the rosary before Mass. What came into a fruition was a group of young boys and girls in the seventh grade that formed the Junior Liturgy Committee during Term 2 in December 2018. Mia R., an eighth-grader said, “Having a committee comprised of students is good because students need to learn more about the Mass and it helps them (us) understand better. I, myself, lead the rosary every Wednesday and I feel that I am personally praying for people who the Mass is offered for.”

Headed by Samantha J., the group made planning the liturgy easier and helped classes with their Mass parts during school-led Masses. The year will close successfully with six other members who are all in seventh grade. The new batch of Junior Liturgy Committee members from sixth grade (who are incoming seventh-graders) are now shadowing at Mass and will officially take over the responsibilities of planning and preparing the liturgy on May 29, 2019.

Written by Thomas M., a seventh grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.