Catholic Schools within the Diocese of Orlando require enrolling students to submit a Florida Department of Health Certificate of Immunization form (DH 680) as provided for in Florida Statute 1003.22 as a condition precedent to acceptance. Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orlando do not recognize a religious objection to this immunization.

For each vaccination that the student is seeking an exemption, a licensed physician must list a contraindication and the student’s specific valid clinical reason for the contraindication. The school will not accept contraindications not currently included as a contraindication by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”). The school will not accept Form 680 without a written signature from a physician currently licensed by the State of Florida.

All medical exemption forms, whether for a temporary or permanent exemption, must be sent to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for approval prior to the student attending class. If the exemption form (DH680) is not visible on the Florida Shots website ( and is not the same as the form sent to the Superintendent to approve, the student will not be able to enroll in the school. The Superintendent must be able to see the DH680 form certified and registered by the physician on the Florida Shots website before approval is granted for the student to enroll and attend school.

Bishop Noonan Immunization Letter

The National Catholic Bioethics Center Letter

Florida Department of Health Immunization Guidelines